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Find your Ice Bucket Challenge

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a great way of expanding your supporter base. You just need a bit of imagination, inspiration and a solid idea. Read on for a few tips, and if after reading you still need support, my contact details are below.

  • Set a realistic objective and goal – reflect on the past successes of fundraising campaigns, don’t overshoot the overall goal, be realistic about what you think can be achieved and prepare to over exceed it!
  • Think about how you are going to manage the campaign – through social, online giving platform, where is the community congregating to get involved?
  • Consider recruiting an ambassador to champion the campaign – it doesn’t to be a celebrity, look at enthusiastic supporters, fundraisers who go above and beyond, volunteers that have strong local connections and ask them to help you get the campaign off the ground by being the first to create a fundraising page.
  • Be flexible – the great thing about the Ice Bucket Challenge was it’s simplicity. Video yourself doing the challenge, make a donation of e.g. £5, and nominate 5 friends on your social media to do the same. But create urgency and give them 24 hours to do theirs or risk a forfeit (make it fun).
  • Enable individuals to set their own goal – this could be fundraising income, or the challenge’s success itself, giving supporters reigns over goals with some guidelines or examples of what they could do can open a wealth of opportunity. Think back to 2.6 – take the number, and be creative with it!
  • Celebrate successes – inspire others with what existing supporters are doing. Look at how many people were inspired by Sir Captain Tom, share supporters stories and successes to show what could be achieved. Be careful not to frighten off potential supporters by only sharing huge fundraising successes. £30 raised is important too.
  • Gamification? – have a think about how you can include games, or a competitive side into your challenge. A leaderboard to tally of what people have achieved, or how much they have raised. Encourage a team element, after all, we are better and stronger when we are together.
  • Reward supporters – think of your reward process, whether this is a certificate, personalised video, medal or branded t shirt in the post, make supporters feel special and part of our team. Think of how you want them to talk about the support you give them.
  • Say thank you – I say this so often, but it is often overlooked. The simple art of picking up the phone to say thank you, or hand writing a coms slips in their next letter, a shout out on social media, or a personalised video to their email inbox. NEVER forget to say thank you, it’s often the ticket for more to come in the future.

If you need further support with setting up your next peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, please do contact me, I’d love to help you and your organisation find your equivalent of the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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