About me

Hi I'm Leah!

My mission is to help nonprofits build key relationships, and increase their public presence. I can help your organisation raise more income within your community!

I have over 8 years of experience working within the nonprofit. Working in both Events and Fundraising, I specialise in community fundraising and event management. I have spent has spent recent years working closely with local businesses, organisations, community groups and schools to develop community fundraising relationships and income, providing me with a wealth of knowledge in these areas.

Personal and organisational development is at the core of everything I do. With my experience, I can conduct a Community Fundraising review to understand where your organisation is positioned. I can perform gap analysis and highlight areas of improvement to ensure that your fundraising strategy succeeds. 

I strive to ensure organisations and individuals fulfil their aims, goals and reach their maximum potential. 

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The Community Fundraisers Network Group us a group for community fundraisers to learn new skills, share ideas and have topical conversations, and be in a safe space where problems are halved!