Keeping your cause

in the heart of the


Are you looking for new ideas and strategies to increase community engagement and presence?

Community fundraising has taken a huge hit since the pandemic. We said goodbye to physical coffee mornings, challenge events, and not to mention dressing up at village fun days…

It’s time to start taking advantage of opportunities in your community. Engage with your audiences, increase interaction and most of all, increase income! 

Are you ready to kickstart your organisations community fundraising?

Or, have relationships fizzled that you feel your team needs to start from scratch? 

I can work with you to change that, and create a Community Fundraising programme that works! 

So quit pondering, and let’s get you back into the heart of your community. 

Community Fundraising Consultancy

Looking to improve your organisations community fundraising? Learn more about my packages and let’s start increasing your organisations presence in the community, and in turn raise funds! Click Learn More below. 

Training & Workshops

Tailored group training and workshops, providing a space to brainstorm ideas, learn new skills and or to create an action plan to get the wheel in motion with community fundraising activity. 


Sometimes all we need is an ear to listen, and a nudge in the right direction. Whether it’s lack of confidence, spiralling motivation, or endless to do lists, I am here to help.  Learn more by clicking the Learn More button below.